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Christmas is just around the corner!  Do you want to earn some additional shopping money? 

You might want to be a reseller for my online store.  Just email me at homespunfromtheheart[at]gmail[dot]com for more details.

My Blogversary Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners to my Blogversary Giveaway:
  1. Aida Villanueva -  http://slither1004.blogspot.com/
  2. Giay – http://mommygiay.blogspot.com/
  3. Silvergirl – http://www.silvergurl22.blogspot.com/
  4. dorry lyn – http://dickvincedorry.blogspot.com/
  5. ChinChin – http://www.stayathomeblessings.com/
Congratulations and thanks a lot for joining!  To all the others who joined but didn’t win, thanks also for joining and watch out for my next giveaway!

More Designs Coming!

I'm currently working on new designs for my notepads.  I will update you as soon as I finish them. 

Join my Blogversary Giveaway

I'm celebrating my 4th year as a blogger!  Visit my Sharing my Thoughts blog for a chance to win items of your choice from my online store.

Don't miss this chance, it's only until 15 September.

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Tomorrow is the start of the "Ber" months.  Here in the Philippines, it's the unofficial start of the Christmas season.  Oh yes, we celebrate Christmas the longest among the other countries :-)  And for good reason, Filipinos love to celebrate and with it comes the gift giving and sharing of Christmas joys.  Filipinos also love spending time with extended families and close friends.  The 1st of September is also the day that you'll start to hear Christmas songs being played on various radio stations, so, it's really "beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go!" It adds to the joyous feeling, believe me!

New Items

Lately, I've been busy with the new designs for my notepads. I also introduced my new product, the MATCHBOOK  NOTEPAD.  These are great because you can easily put them inside your purse or bag, and you can use them to jot down important notes, or contact numbers of people you meet.  These are also great as giveaways for weddings, birthdays, or your kids' teachers.  

Hello Again!

I think i've been neglecting this blog. I haven't much time lately to update my Multiply site, much less this blog.  But I know I should now focus on posting regular updates. Actually, I'm working on new designs and samples to post to my Multiply site, and hopefully, i'll be able to finish them in 2 weeks' time.  So, watch out for my updates!

Coming up with Gift Sets

I got a lot of inquiries on whether I'll offer gift sets in my store.  So, last weekend, I checked on the packaging that I can use for the gift sets, and right now I'm just thinking of the combinations that I will put inside the boxes. 

I'm thinking of the 8x5 notepads, 4x5 notepads, some gift tags and a pen.  It can also be 4x5 notepads, gift tags, notecards/flatcards, and a pen.  I'm also open to suggestions, just let me know what combination you need and I'll give you the cost.

Stick Figures

Stick figures are really cute for notepads, so, I decided to add them to my designs.  You might want to check them out in my site.  They're great not only for notepads but also for invitations and notecards as well.  Actually, just about anything, you can even have it on your gift tags.  So, be sure to check them out, they're so cute!

Late Nights

My  Multiply store has been around for quite some time now, but it's only this year that I really put my heart into it.  I've been promoting it lately and have been rewarded with a steady increase in visitors who leave comments as well as personal messages.  I also concentrated on adding more business contacts.  My efforts paid off because I now have several orders to fill-up.  I'm so happy although I have to sleep late for several nights in a row just to be able to finish the items on time.

I hope business will continue to improve, as I plan to add more items, layouts and designs to my albums.

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